Lovely summer night, lots of wine and beer on the go but I stuck to the orange juice and water. And those that did drink remained sober. I love garden parties because they are a lot more formal that a beer and BBQ cookout.

I had the meatballs and then sampled a lot sauces. The meatballs were good.

In general, kind of disappointed with the drinks though. My favorite was the frozen Tropical Mango smoothie which was really smooth but there wasn't a lot of mango which was nice.

I also think that a reduced amount of alcohol is good for the children. They should not see their parents get drunk.

I'm not sure my opinion on the alcohol in general, but for formal family outings it should be kept to a minimum.

I know it can ease the day for many parents, but the level of drinking at food & wine by the end of the night is a bit much for some people. It actually was not a problem and we did 3 reasonably late nights in a row last year with our, then 8&9 yo daughters.

At one of them we saw a woman who was so drunk she just wanted to sit in the parking lot, she just couldn't make it to the car. What should have bothered me more was that her friend was drunk too, and one of them was driving home.

I prefer to see family-friendly.

And that is what a garden party is, even if it is held in the evening.

This is a chance for you to have a family-friendly, picnic style outing so be sure to bring blankets and baskets with goodies!

The guests will provide snacks and drinks, including libations from Independence Brewery. But you also free to bring anything you want for yourselves or to share.

It makes for a wonderful atmophere.